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Osa children’s boarding school for mentally retarded children has a lot of friends who cooperate with us closely, who with the kindness of the soul, responsiveness, understanding of our problems, warm the hearts of children-orphans, children-invalids — our pupils. But special words of gratitude and thankfulness are to be expressed to the personnel of Open Company «Lukoil-Perm», and its general manager A.V.Lejfrid. Thanks to this help, children of the children’s home are pleased to have a multimedia complex. We have now an opportunity to hold viewing of favourite films. This year the children’s home participated in the competition of social projects, which is held annually by OC «Lukoil-Perm», and won a grant on construction of a children’s playground for rest and studies. The opening of the children’s playground took place in autumn, 2007; it became a bit more beautiful, lighter and it is more joyful with the appearing of this corner in a court yard of children’s home.

During three years a Perm firm, called «Guardian», has been helping us. Regardless of such a small time, it has made a lot. Owing to them we have a modern computer classroom in which children can master basic knowledge on computers. «Guardian» assists also in the solving of economic questions, it is engaged in repair of our office equipment.

THANKS! We say to all who is so generous and has such a kind soul!

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