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Virtual meeting school

The instruction for visitors of the site

1. After you have loaded the site «Virtual parents, friends, instructors», choose a child for communication: come through the reference «Pupils» (the third inset at the left)

2. On this page the questionnaires of the children from the base will be loaded. To watch the full questionnaire of a child who has interested you, press the reference «To learn more» under the name of the child.

To look through other questionnaires, pass to the following page, by pressing the following number above or below.

3. To write a letter to the child, come into his or her questionnaire and press the reference «to send a letter to the child». On the page, that appears, fill in all obligatory blanks: your first name (patronymic name) and a surname; your e-mail address at which an answer of the child will come to you. Enter the text of your message to the child into the blank the text of the letter. In order to prevent incorrect references to the children your letter, first of all, goes to a moderator. Within one day your letter will be considered by a moderator and forwarded to the children’s house to that child who you addressed it to.

Also you have an opportunity to send a card or any picture to a child. For this purpose put a tick under a picture from the row offered below or load a picture from your computer by means of the reference Browse. After that press the button Send and wait till the page with the inscription «the Letter is sent» is loaded.

After the child writes an answer, his or her text, also through a moderator, within one day will be delivered to you. Then you can write an answer to the child.

Also you will be suggested to publish your letters on the site, in the questionnaire of the child who they were addressed to. You can agree or refuse. All letters of children are published in their questionnaires under the agreement with the children’s house-boarding school.

4. You can offer the children help or send them a gift. It is possible to transfer the means to the account specified in the section «About the project». It is possible to transfer a gift to the children (tel.: 8 (342) 224–43–42; E-mail:

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