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How to help?

The children that take part in this project need, first of all, warmth and care. Among them there are rather many children that may answer your letter and be glad to meet you; and they may thank you with reciprocal attention and a smile.

Of course, they will be glad to new toys but most of all they will be glad to you if you want to give them your warmth and care.

They are the same children as others. They also live, learn, play, and get happy or sad. Yes, they lag behind in their development but they are still simply children — the children that answer to care and tenderness with gratitude.

They don’t need any mercy. They need communication, advice, playing and attention. And if you are ready to treat them like common children, we are glad to invite you to this project.



The function to write an e-mail or send a postcard is located in the section «Choose a postcard and write an e-mail». The standard form asks you to fill in the addressee (name and surname of the child or children), your e-mail address, and the text of the letter itself; and then it gives you a possibility to attach a card or your own file. The e-mail is sent to the Fund and the personnel bring it to the child. The answer is also sent to you by the personnel of the Fund.

Taking part in events and actions

The fund constantly organizes events, actions, forums etc. Write to the fund’s personnel and you’ll be able to give any feasible help in organizing events and actions.


If you have ac child whom you write to and you want to meet him or her, ask the Fund and we’ll help you to organize a visit.

Remittance and material help

The Fund has the rules of giving addressed material help. The standards and the order you may ask from the personnel of the Fund.

It’s not the complete list of the possibilities to take part in the project, and, most likely, if you start to think over it you can find your own individual variant.


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