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About the project

This site is a part of the big regional project called «Virtual Parents».

Every child wants his or her Mom and Dad to love him and save from all troubles.

But, unfortunately, not all the children have a caring family and loving parents.

The «Virtual Parents» project is dedicated to orphans and handicapped children left without parental care.

Such children live in boarding schools. They are on the full state maintenance but they lack the most important things — warmth, attention and communication.

We offer you the possibility to become a pen-friend for these children, to become a kind tutor, a caring «virtual parent».

The goal of the project

To create a system of support for children with health problems and left without parental care.

The tasks of the project

  • To provide social-psychological help for children with health problems and left without parental care — in addition to the state maintenance;
  • To provide the support on the emotional and educational levels for the children of this category (development programs, games, supporting with audio and video appliances, individual programs of preventive measures and treatment);
  • To provide communication between a tutor-sponsor and a child left without parental care through the web-site;
  • To improve the quality of life of children under the age by helping them acquire means and abilities of self-development.

Why is this project different than the others?

By its transparency, the presence of concrete responsible people and coordinators, and most of all — by its system of reports and feedback.

All that you send: a postcard, a letter, a toy — everything will find its addressee and you will get an answer from the child or a report on the use of the means.

You can not only write letters but meet the children.

We will be glad and grateful to each of you who will decide to join our project.

Inspecting organizations:

Ministry of the social development of the Perm Region

Perm region agency on management of social services


8(342)224–43–42; 8(342)224–41–15

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